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LaraDock Multi

Laradock wrapper template for running multiple related projects with different versions of PHP and Node.js such as Microservice Architecture (MSA)

Demo used

Demo services

localhost on dev env

Instruction for configure step-by-step

  • Integrate Demo of usage with Cloud env (Yandex Cloud for example as simple and useful)


  • cmd/ laravel - connect to LaraDock-multi service
  • cmd/ - waiting for all logs
  • cmd/ nginx laravel - waiting for logs of nginx and laravel workers or cli
  • cmd/ - shop details about LaraDock-multi services
  • cmd/ - remove, load updates and rebuild each one LaraDock-multi services
  • cmd/ laravel-fpm nginx rebuild only laravel-fpm and nginx
  • cmd/ - stop all services
  • cmd/ nginx api - stop services: nginx and api
  • cmd/ - test TOR proxy
  • cmd/ - start all services
  • cmd/ nginx api - start services: nginx and api


Install Docker-CE with Docker-compose and git

apt install docker docker-compose git

Download Laradock-Multi with laradock

git clone
cd laradock-multi

Autoconfigure and Auto-deploy

You cal automate Configure, Upgrade and download Laradock with command


Force Upgrade Laradock Multi. It's will remove laradock path

cmd/ upgrade

Manual Configure(upgrade) multi-env

git clone
cp ./.laradock-multi/. ./laradock/ -r

Also, you can use git submodule add

Install projects

PHP Site like Laravel

I will use dummy laravel-like php site for demo

mkdir projects/laravel
mkdir projects/laravel/public
echo '<?php phpinfo();' >> projects/laravel/public/index.php

But you can install original laravel or your exist project

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel projects/laravel


I will use pretty CoreUi admin template on ReactJS

git clone projects/dashboard
cp laradock/nginx/sites/dashboard.conf.example laradock/nginx/sites/dashboard.conf

It's already added: dashboard docker in docker-compose.multi.yml. You can copy this section for using with other node.js projects


Feel free to changing .laradock-multi options


Using is similar to


Important note:

  • Nginx crush in runtime after load config, if some dependency service (php-fpm, node.js) not started. So, immediately cmd/ will return success result and failed in next call
  • laravel service is empty by default
  • dashboard not configured by default

HTTP Service


docker-compose override

Also you can use docker-compose.override.yml But it's depends on platform

cd laradock;
cp docker-compose.multi.yml docker-compose.override.yml

and remove all typical service like db or docker-in-docker Result:

  • docker-compose ps will equal:
    • docker-compose ps -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.override.yml
  • docker-compose logs will equal:
    • docker-compose logs -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.override.yml

But docker-compose up without specs will failed

CMD from project

Open default preoject with IDE

Switch to internal bash terminal

use Laradock-multi:


copy this dir to each new project

cp -r projects/default/cmd projects/laravel/cmd 


git pull
cd laradock
git pull
cd ..

add all changes

  • from: diff .laradock-multi/docker-compose.yml.orig laradock/docker-compose.yml

    • to laradock/docker-compose.multiple.yml
      • workspace to api, laravel, default
      • php-fpm to api-fpm, laravel-fpm, php-fpm
      • each one with same name
  • from: diff .laradock-multi/env-example.orig laradock/env-example

    • to laradick/.env

Rebuild each Laradock-Multi service



  • .laradock-multi/ - custom services path for LaraDock
  • cmd/ - simple command for using with autocomplete
    • - cd to LaraDock path (for internal use)
    • - connect to LaraDock-multi service
    • - logs -f all LaraDock-multi service or cmd/ laravel nginx for listed
    • - show info for LaraDock-multi service
    • - remove, pull and rebuild each one LaraDock-multi services or cmd/ laravel nginx for listed
    • - stop LaraDock-multi services or cmd/ laravel nginx for listed
    • - start all LaraDock-multi services or cmd/ laravel nginx for listed
  • dumps/ - path for DB dumps. That will be mount inside DB-service
  • laradock/ - original laradock + laradock-multi
  • projects/ - custom projects
    • api/ - API project with PHP 5.6
    • dashboard/ - CoreUI project with NodeJS+React (after install)
    • default/ - Default localhost project for internal use or service list
    • laravel/ - Laravel project with PHP 7.4 (after install)
  • - Readme file with instructions