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Simple LaraDock tools and dev environments

this project is wrapper for


copy to parrent path of your projects

edit cmd/service.lst edit list of docker images for run

default: workspace nginx php-fpm elasticsearch postgres redis beanstalkd

full list in docker-compose.yml

edit _env/default/laradock/ for all change of default config

edit _env/{dev,test,prod}/docker-compose.yml configure docker-compose

you can add any other files/path of your project like .env(for dev server)

run cmd/ {env}

  • 1st run: install
  • 2nd run: reinstall (full rebuild) with clear db, if image is changed

{env}: dev (is default), test, prod

you can change it with add to current user(~/.bash_aliases) or run in console:

export LaraDock_ENV=test

#Use all command must run in project root cmd/ - run laradock containers with docker-list (in file) and connect to workspace

cmd/ - stop all laradock container

cmd/conn-cmd/ - connect to cli workspace with work user

cmd/conn-cmd/ - connect to cli workspace with root user

cmd/conn-*.sh - connect to other container

cmd/ - clear beanstalkd queue

cmd/ - rebuild new docker images(without copy _env), run xdebug mode(dev-env) cmd/ - information about containers ( docker-compose ps )

#What news

add env add new cmd