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* March 9, 2004
- Gisle Vanem improved build on Windows.
* February 25, 2004
- Dan Fandrich found a flaw in the Feb 22 fix.
- Added better configure --enable-debug logic (taken from the curl configure
script). Added acinclude.m4 to the tarball.
* February 23, 2004
- Removed ares_free_errmem(), the function, the file and the man page. It was
not used and it did nothing.
- Fixed a lot of code that wasn't "64bit clean" and thus caused a lot of
compiler warnings on picky compilers.
* February 22, 2004
- Dominick Meglio made ares init support multiple name servers in the
NameServer key on Windows.
* February 16, 2004
- Modified ares_private.h to include libcurl's memory debug header if
CURLDEBUG is set. This makes all the ares-functions supervised properly by
the curl test suite. This also forced me to add inclusion of the
ares_private.h header in a few more files that are using some kind of
memory-related resources.
- Made the makefile only build ahost and adig if 'make demos' is used.
* February 10, 2004
- Dirk Manske made ares_version.h installed with 'make install'
* February 4, 2004
- ares_free_errmem() is subject for removal, it is simply present for future
purposes, and since we removed the extra parameter in strerror() it won't
be used by c-ares!
- configure --enable-debug now enables picky compiler options if gcc is used
- fixed several compiler warnings --enable-debug showed and Joerg Mueller-Tolk
Version 1.0.0 (February 3, 2004)
* February 3, 2004
- now we produce the libcares.a library instead of the previous libares.a
since we are no longer compatible
* February 2, 2004
- ares_strerror() has one argument less. This is the first official
modification of the existing provided ares API.
* January 29, 2004
- Dirk Manske fixed how the socket is set non-blocking.
* January 4, 2004
- Dominick Meglio made the private gettimeofday() become ares_gettimeofday()
instead in order to not pollute the name space and risk colliding with
other libraries' versions of this function.
* October 24, 2003. Daniel Stenberg
Added ares_version().
Version 1.0-pre1 (8 October 2003)
- James Bursa made it run on RISC OS
- Dominick Meglio made it run fine on NT4
- Duncan Wilcox made it work fine on Mac OS X
- Daniel Stenberg adjusted the windows port
- liren at made the initial windows port
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