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#!/usr/bin/env perl
$version = $ARGV[0];
if($version eq "") {
print "Enter version number!\n";
if(!-f "ares.h") {
print "run this script in the ares source root dir\n";
my ($major, $minor, $patch)=split(/\./, $version);
$major += 0;
$minor += 0;
$patch += 0;
open(VER, "<ares_version.h") ||
die "can't open ares_version.h";
open(NEWV, ">ares_version.h.dist");
while(<VER>) {
$_ =~ s/^\#define ARES_VERSION_MAJOR .*/\#define ARES_VERSION_MAJOR $major/;
$_ =~ s/^\#define ARES_VERSION_MINOR .*/\#define ARES_VERSION_MINOR $minor/;
$_ =~ s/^\#define ARES_VERSION_PATCH .*/\#define ARES_VERSION_PATCH $patch/;
$_ =~ s/^\#define ARES_VERSION_STR .*/\#define ARES_VERSION_STR \"$version\"/;
print NEWV $_;
print "ares_version.h.dist created\n";
if(!-f "configure") {
print "running buildconf\n";
print "adding $version in the file\n";
`sed -e 's/AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(c-ares, CVS)/AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(c-ares, $version)/' < >`;
# now make a new configure script with this
print "makes a new configure script\n";
`autoconf >configure`;
# now run this new configure to get a fine makefile
print "running configure\n";
# now make the actual tarball
print "running make dist\n";
`make dist`;
print "removing temporary file\n";
print "NOTE: now cvs tag this release!\n";
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