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c-ares is based on ares, and these are the people that have worked on it since
the fork was made:
+Albert Chin
Alexander Lazic
Alexey Simak
Andreas Rieke
+Andrew C. Morrow
Ashish Sharma
+Ben Greear
+Ben Noordhuis
+BogDan Vatra
Brad House
Brad Spencer
Bram Matthys
Dan Fandrich
+Daniel Johnson
Daniel Stenberg
+David Stuart
+Denis Bilenko
+Dima Tisnek
Dirk Manske
Dominick Meglio
Doug Goldstein
@@ -18,19 +27,31 @@ Eino Tuominen
Erik Kline
George Neill
Gisle Vanem
+Guenter Knauf
Guilherme Balena Versiani
Gunter Knauf
Henrik Stoerner
+Jakub Hrozek
James Bursa
+Jérémy Lal
+Marko Kreen
Michael Wallner
+Mike Crowe
+Nick Alcock
Nick Mathewson
+Patrik Thunstrom
+Peter Pentchev
Phil Blundell
+Poul Thomas Lomholt
Ravi Pratap
Robin Cornelius
Sebastian at
Shmulik Regev
+Stefan Bühler
Steinar H. Gunderson
Tofu Linden
+Tom Hughes
+Tor Arntsen
Vlad Dinulescu
William Ahern
Yang Tse
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