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# Watcom / OpenWatcom / Win32 makefile for cURL.
# G. Vanem <>
!ifndef %watcom
!error WATCOM environment variable not set!
!ifdef %libname
LIBNAME = $(%libname)
LIBNAME = libcurl
TARGETS = $(LIBNAME).dll $(LIBNAME)_imp.lib $(LIBNAME).lib
CC = wcc386
LD = wlink
AR = wlib
RC = wrc
!ifdef __LOADDLL__
! loaddll wcc386 wccd386
! loaddll wpp386 wppd386
! loaddll wlib wlibd
! if $(__VERSION__) > 1270
! loaddll wlink wlinkd
! else
! loaddll wlink wlink
! endif
!ifdef __LINUX__
DS = /
CP = cp
MD = mkdir -p
RD = rmdir -p
RM = rm -f
DS = $(X)\$(X)
CP = copy 2>NUL
MD = mkdir
RD = rmdir /q /s 2>NUL
!if $(__VERSION__) < 1250
RM = del /q /f 2>NUL
RM = rm -f
SYS_INCL = -I$(%watcom)$(DS)h$(DS)nt -I$(%watcom)$(DS)h
SYS_LIBS = $(%watcom)$(DS)lib386$(DS)nt;$(%watcom)$(DS)lib386
CFLAGS = -3r -mf -hc -zff -zgf -zq -zm -s -fr=con -w2 -fpi -oilrtfm &
-wcd=201 -bt=nt -bc -d+ -dWIN32 -dHAVE_STRTOLL &
-I..$(DS)include -I..$(DS)lib $(SYS_INCL)
!ifdef %debug
CFLAGS += -d3 $(DEBUG)
CFLAGS += -d0
!ifdef %use_ipv6
# Change to suite.
!ifdef %zlib_root
ZLIB_ROOT = $(%zlib_root)
ZLIB_ROOT = ..$(DS)..$(DS)zlib-1.2.7
!ifdef %libssh2_root
LIBSSH2_ROOT = $(%libssh2_root)
LIBSSH2_ROOT = ..$(DS)..$(DS)libssh2-1.4.2
!ifdef %librtmp_root
LIBRTMP_ROOT = $(%librtmp_root)
LIBRTMP_ROOT = ..$(DS)..$(DS)rtmpdump-2.3
!ifdef %openssl_root
OPENSSL_ROOT = $(%openssl_root)
OPENSSL_ROOT = ..$(DS)..$(DS)openssl-0.9.8x
!ifdef %ares_root
ARES_ROOT = $(%ares_root)
ARES_ROOT = ..$(DS)ares
!ifdef %use_ssl
OBJ_DIR = WC_Win32.obj
LINK_ARG = $(OBJ_DIR)$(DS)wlink.arg
# In order to process wmake must be called with -u switch!
!ifndef %MAKEFLAGS
!error You MUST call wmake with the -u switch!
# For now we still define the CURLX_ONES sources here unless we know how
# to split off the prefixed path.
CURLX_SOURCES = rawstr.c nonblock.c
OBJS = $(CURL_CFILES:.c=.obj)
!ifdef %curl_static
CFLAGS += -br
OBJS += $(CURLX_SOURCES:.c=.obj)
!ifdef __LINUX__
RESOURCE = $(OBJ_DIR)$(DS)curl.res
all: hugehelp.c $(OBJ_DIR) curl.exe .SYMBOLIC
@echo Welcome to cURL
clean: .SYMBOLIC
-$(RM) $(OBJS)
vclean distclean: clean .SYMBOLIC
-$(RD) $(OBJ_DIR)
-$(RM) curl.exe curl.sym hugehelp.c
hugehelp.c: hugehelp.c.cvs
$(CP) $[@ $^@
hugehelp.c.cvs: .EXISTSONLY
$(CP) hugehelp.c $^@
-$(MD) $^@
curl.exe: $(OBJS) $(RESOURCE) $(LINK_ARG)
$(LD) name $^@ @$]@
$(RESOURCE): curl.rc
$(RC) $(DEBUG) -q -r -zm -bt=nt -I..$(DS)include $(SYS_INCL) $[@ -fo=$^@
# suffix search path - vpath-like hack
.c: ..$(DS)lib
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $[@ -fo=$^@
%create $^@
@%append $^@ system nt
@%append $^@ file { $(OBJS) }
!ifdef %debug
@%append $^@ debug all
@%append $^@ option symfile
@%append $^@ option quiet, map, caseexact, eliminate,
@%append $^@ res=$(RESOURCE) libpath $(SYS_LIBS)
!ifdef %curl_static
@%append $^@ library wldap32.lib
@%append $^@ library ..$(DS)lib$(DS)$(LIBNAME).lib
!ifdef %use_zlib
@%append $^@ library $(ZLIB_ROOT)$(DS)zlib.lib
!ifdef %use_rtmp
@%append $^@ library $(LIBRTMP_ROOT)$(DS)librtmp$(DS)librtmp.lib, winmm.lib
!ifdef %use_ssh2
@%append $^@ library $(LIBSSH2_ROOT)$(DS)win32$(DS)libssh2.lib
!ifdef %use_ssl
@%append $^@ library $(OPENSSL_ROOT)$(DS)out32$(DS)libeay32.lib, $(OPENSSL_ROOT)$(DS)out32$(DS)ssleay32.lib
!ifdef %use_ares
@%append $^@ library $(ARES_ROOT)$(DS)cares.lib
!ifdef %use_winidn
! if $(__VERSION__) > 1290
@%append $^@ library normaliz.lib
! else
@%append $^@ import '_IdnToAscii@20' 'NORMALIZ.DLL'.'IdnToAscii'
@%append $^@ import '_IdnToUnicode@20' 'NORMALIZ.DLL'.'IdnToUnicode'
! endif
@%append $^@ library ..$(DS)lib$(DS)$(LIBNAME)_imp.lib
!ifeq USE_WATT32 1
@%append $^@ library $(%watt_root)$(DS)lib$(DS)wattcpw_imp.lib
@%append $^@ library ws2_32.lib
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