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# $VER: LibcURL Makefile for AmigaOS ...
# change the follow to where you have the AmiTCP SDK v4.3 includes:
ATCPSDKI= /GG/netinclude
CC = m68k-amigaos-gcc
CFLAGS = -I$(ATCPSDKI) -m68020-60 -O2 -msoft-float -noixemul -g -I. -I../include -W -Wall
OBJS = amigaos.c base64.c connect.c content_encoding.c cookie.c dict.c easy.c \
escape.c file.c formdata.c ftp.c getenv.c getinfo.c hash.c hostip.c \
hostip4.c hostsyn.c http.c http_chunks.c http_digest.c \
http_negotiate.c http_ntlm.c if2ip.c inet_ntop.c inet_pton.c krb4.c \
ldap.c llist.c md5.c memdebug.c mprintf.c multi.c netrc.c parsedate.c \
progress.c security.c select.c sendf.c share.c speedcheck.c ssluse.c \
strequal.c strtok.c telnet.c timeval.c transfer.c url.c version.c \
sslgen.c gtls.c strerror.c
all: $(OBJS:.c=.o)
ar cru libcurl.a $(OBJS:.c=.o)
ranlib libcurl.a
$(INSTALL) -c ./libcurl.a /lib/libcurl.a
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