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Issues not sorted in any particular order. #[num] refers to bug report
numbers. UNASSIGNED means that no person has publicly stated to work on the
Fix before releasing 7.11.0
To get fixed in 7.11.1
1. Introduce a new error code indicating authentication problems (for proxy
CONNECT error 407 for example). #845941 UNASSIGNED
2. Make the proxy CONNECT headers get passed to the callbacks just like other
headers are. #845941 UNASSIGNED
4. Multi-threaded OpenSSL usage needs to be addressed (Dirk Manske has stepped
forward on this)
6. REST fix for servers not behaving well on >2GB requests (some outstanding
issues, Dave Meyer works on this)
8. Resolve the occational test case 91 failure. This still has no
resolution. Test case 96 has been added to CVS to try variations of this
test. (David Byron has done lots of research) UNASSIGNED
9. Modify ares to do 'files bind' order instead of 'bind files' by default
(not actually part of libcurl) See details by Frank Ticheler posted here: UNASSIGNED
10. Anton Fedorov's "dumpcert" patch (only mailed to me privately) UNASSIGNED
12. The "PUT and (NTLM/Digest) auth" bug (confusion, awaits feedback) #862835
14. Evaluate/apply Gertjan van Wingerde's SSL patches, UNASSIGNED
16. Tony Blakie's bug report about getting a 302 and Location: back from a
proxy after a CONNECT request. (correct behavior on this is not certain)
UNASSIGNED, lack of feedback on this. Subject for dismissal.
18. Modified Accept: header in the default HTTP request (being discussed).
19. Resolve Giuseppe Attardi's "elusive cache bug" (work required)
20. Directory listing support for file:///dir/ (patch by David Hull)
This patch needs work to become portable. UNASSIGNED
21. Send QUIT before closing an FTP connection. Joe Halpin has provided an
initial patch. Some outstanding issues.
23. Peter Sylvester's "Most Significant Common Name" patch. Feedback welcome.
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