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# $Id$
AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = foreign nostdinc
EXTRA_DIST = getdate.y Makefile.b32 Makefile.b32.resp Makefile.m32 \
Makefile.vc6 Makefile.riscos libcurl.def curllib.dsp \
curllib.dsw config-vms.h config-win32.h config-riscos.h config-mac.h \ ca-bundle.crt README.encoding README.memoryleak \
README.ares \
libcurl.framework.make libcurl.plist libcurl.rc \
config-amigaos.h amigaos.c amigaos.h makefile.amiga
# we use srcdir/include for the static global include files
# we use builddir/lib for the generated lib/config.h file to get found
# we use srcdir/lib for the lib-private header files
INCLUDES = -I$(top_srcdir)/include -I$(top_builddir)/lib -I$(top_srcdir)/lib
VERSION=-version-info 2:2:0
# This flag accepts an argument of the form current[:revision[:age]]. So,
# passing -version-info 3:12:1 sets current to 3, revision to 12, and age to
# 1.
# If either revision or age are omitted, they default to 0. Also note that age
# must be less than or equal to the current interface number.
# Here are a set of rules to help you update your library version information:
# 1.Start with version information of 0:0:0 for each libtool library.
# 2.Update the version information only immediately before a public release of
# your software. More frequent updates are unnecessary, and only guarantee
# that the current interface number gets larger faster.
# 3.If the library source code has changed at all since the last update, then
# increment revision (c:r:a becomes c:r+1:a).
# 4.If any interfaces have been added, removed, or changed since the last
# update, increment current, and set revision to 0.
# 5.If any interfaces have been added since the last public release, then
# increment age.
# 6.If any interfaces have been removed since the last public release, then
# set age to 0.
# The -no-undefined flag is CRUCIAL for this to build fine on Cygwin.
UNDEF = -no-undefined
# This is for gcc on Solaris (8+ ?) to avoid "relocations remain against
# allocatable but non-writable sections" problems.
MIMPURE = -mimpure-text
libcurl_la_SOURCES = arpa_telnet.h file.c netrc.h timeval.c \
base64.c file.h hostip.c progress.c timeval.h base64.h formdata.c \
hostip.h progress.h cookie.c formdata.h http.c sendf.c cookie.h ftp.c \
http.h sendf.h url.c dict.c ftp.h if2ip.c speedcheck.c url.h dict.h \
getdate.c if2ip.h speedcheck.h urldata.h getdate.h ldap.c ssluse.c \
version.c getenv.c ldap.h ssluse.h escape.c mprintf.c telnet.c escape.h \
netrc.c telnet.h getinfo.c getinfo.h transfer.c strequal.c \
strequal.h easy.c security.h security.c krb4.c krb4.h memdebug.c \
memdebug.h inet_ntoa_r.h http_chunks.c http_chunks.h strtok.c strtok.h \
connect.c connect.h llist.c llist.h hash.c hash.h multi.c \
content_encoding.c content_encoding.h share.c share.h http_digest.c \
md5.c md5.h http_digest.h http_negotiate.c http_negotiate.h \
http_ntlm.c http_ntlm.h ca-bundle.h inet_pton.c inet_pton.h \
strtoofft.c strtoofft.h
noinst_HEADERS = setup.h transfer.h
BUILT_SOURCES = $(srcdir)/getdate.c $(top_builddir)/lib/ca-bundle.h
# Say $(srcdir), so GNU make does not report an ambiguity with the .y.c rule.
$(srcdir)/getdate.c: getdate.y
cd $(srcdir) && \
$(YACC) $(YFLAGS) getdate.y; \
mv -f getdate.c
$(top_builddir)/lib/ca-bundle.h: Makefile
@if test -f $@; then \
chmod 0644 $@; \
echo "/* This file is generated automatically */" > $@
echo '#define CURL_CA_BUNDLE @CURL_CA_BUNDLE@' >> $@
echo '#undef CURL_CA_BUNDLE /* unknown */' >> $@
@if test -n "@CURL_CA_BUNDLE@"; then \
$(mkinstalldirs) `dirname $(DESTDIR)@CURL_CA_BUNDLE@`; \
@INSTALL_DATA@ $(srcdir)/ca-bundle.crt $(DESTDIR)@CURL_CA_BUNDLE@; \
# this hook is mainly for non-unix systems to build even if configure
# isn't run
chmod 0644 $(distdir)/ca-bundle.h
echo "/* ca bundle path set in here*/" > $(distdir)/ca-bundle.h
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