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Issues not sorted in any particular order.
#[num] refers to bug report numbers.
UNASSIGNED means that no person has publicly stated to work on the issue.
DELETE means the issue is subject for dismissal
To get fixed in 7.11.2 (planned release late April 2004)
To get fixed in 7.12.0 (no date)
25. curl_easy_strerror() curl_multi_strerror() curl_share_strerror()
Code already in CVS. Messages need overview/improvements.
Medium prio.
26. i18n of error messages?
Low prio. Nobody has volunteered. Subject for removal.
33. Add a function to replace the malloc-calls within libcurl.
Low prio. Seshubabu Pasam works on this.
35. Rearrange lib/hostip.c to reduce the amount of #ifdefs and make it easier
to understand and edit. Daniel works on this. See
Medium prio.
36. Add support for a threaded getaddrinfo() on Windows and IPv6 enabled
37. Configure option "--with-libidn" to support IDNA (Internationalising
Domain Names in Applications). Translate to/from ACE encoded domain
names as needed.
38. Make the ldap protocol work with Windows' built-in LDAP-client.
I.e. dynamically link to WLDAP32.DLL and add ldap URL parsing
(WLDAP32.DLL doesn't have an UTF-8 ldap_url_parse).
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