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Curl and libcurl 7.12.3
Public curl release number: 84
Releases counted from the very beginning: 111
Available command line options: 100
Available curl_easy_setopt() options: 123
Number of public functions in libcurl: 46
Amount of public web site mirrors: 14
Number of known libcurl bindings: 29
This release includes the following changes:
o PKCS12 certificate support added
o added CURLINFO_SSL_ENGINES (and "--engine list")
o new configure options: --disable-cookies, --disable-crypto-auth and
o persistent ftp request improvements
Digest, NTLM or Negotiate authentication, you will most likely want to use
o -w time_redirect and num_redirects
o no longer uses libcurl.def for building on Windows, OS/2 and Netware
o builds on Windows CE
o request retrying, --retry and family added
o FTP 3rd party transfers with source and dest on the same host now works
This release includes the following bugfixes:
o curl -E on windows accepts "c:/path" with forward-slash
o several improvements for large file support on windows
o file handle leak in aborted multipart formpost file upload
o -T upload multiple files with backslashes in file names
o modified credentials between two requests on a persistent http connection
o large file file:// resumes on Windows
o URLs with username and IPv6 numerical addresses
o configure works better with SSL libs in a "non-standard dir"
o curl-config --vernum zero prefixed
o bad memory access in the NTLM code
o EPSV on multi-homed servers now works correctly
o chunked-encoded transfers could get closed pre-maturely without error
o proxy CONNECT now default timeouts after 3600 seconds
o disabling EPSV or EPRT is ignored when connecting to an IPv6 FTP server
o no extra progress meter newline output after each Location: followed
o HTTP PUT/POST with Digest, NTLM or Negotiate no longer uses HEAD
o works with or gracefully bails out when exceeding FD_SETSIZE file
o building with gssapi libs and hdeaders in the default dirs
o curl_getdate() parsing of dates later than year 2037 with 32 bit time_t
o curl -v when stderr is closed wrote debug messages to the network socket
o build failure with libidn 0.3.X or older
o huge POSTs on VMS
o configure no longer uses pkg-config on cross-compiles
o potential gzip decompress memory leak
o "-C - --fail" on a HTTP page already downloaded
o formposting a zero byte file
o use setlocale() for better IDN functionality by default
Other curl-related news since the previous public release:
o pycurl 7.12.2:
o TclCurl 0.12.2:
o libcurl.NET 1.2:
o RCurl 0.5.1:
o libcurl.mono 1.0:
o new German curl mirror:
This release would not have looked like this without help, code, reports and
advice from friends like these:
Peter Wullinger, Guillaume Arluison, Alexander Krasnostavsky, Mohun Biswas,
Tomas Pospisek, Gisle Vanem, Dan Fandrich, Paul Nolan, Andres Garcia, Tim
Sneddon, Ian Gulliver, Jean-Philippe Barrette-LaPierre, Jeff Phillips,
Wojciech Zwiefka, David Phillips, Reinout van Schouwen, Maurice Barnum,
Richard Atterer, Rene Bernhardt, Matt Veenstra, Bryan Henderson, Ton Voon,
Kai Sommerfeld, David Byron, Harshal Pradhan, Tom Lee, Dinar, Jean-Marc
Ranger, Samuel Listopad
Thanks! (and sorry if I forgot to mention someone)
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