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# ./lib/
# Using the backslash as line continuation character might be problematic
# with some make flavours, as Watcom's wmake showed us already. If we
# ever want to change this in a portable manner then we should consider
# this idea (posted to the libcurl list by Adam Kellas):
# CSRC1 = file1.c file2.c file3.c
# CSRC2 = file4.c file5.c file6.c
CSOURCES = file.c timeval.c base64.c hostip.c progress.c formdata.c \
cookie.c http.c sendf.c ftp.c url.c dict.c if2ip.c speedcheck.c \
ldap.c ssluse.c version.c getenv.c escape.c mprintf.c telnet.c \
netrc.c getinfo.c transfer.c strequal.c easy.c security.c krb4.c \
curl_fnmatch.c fileinfo.c ftplistparser.c wildcard.c krb5.c \
memdebug.c http_chunks.c strtok.c connect.c llist.c hash.c multi.c \
content_encoding.c share.c http_digest.c md4.c md5.c curl_rand.c \
http_negotiate.c http_ntlm.c inet_pton.c strtoofft.c strerror.c \
hostasyn.c hostip4.c hostip6.c hostsyn.c inet_ntop.c parsedate.c \
select.c gtls.c sslgen.c tftp.c splay.c strdup.c socks.c ssh.c nss.c \
qssl.c rawstr.c curl_addrinfo.c socks_gssapi.c socks_sspi.c \
curl_sspi.c slist.c nonblock.c curl_memrchr.c imap.c pop3.c smtp.c \
pingpong.c rtsp.c curl_threads.c warnless.c hmac.c polarssl.c \
curl_rtmp.c openldap.c curl_gethostname.c gopher.c axtls.c \
idn_win32.c http_negotiate_sspi.c cyassl.c http_proxy.c non-ascii.c \
asyn-ares.c asyn-thread.c
HHEADERS = arpa_telnet.h netrc.h file.h timeval.h qssl.h hostip.h \
progress.h formdata.h cookie.h http.h sendf.h ftp.h url.h dict.h \
if2ip.h speedcheck.h urldata.h curl_ldap.h ssluse.h escape.h telnet.h \
getinfo.h strequal.h krb4.h memdebug.h http_chunks.h curl_rand.h \
curl_fnmatch.h wildcard.h fileinfo.h ftplistparser.h strtok.h \
connect.h llist.h hash.h content_encoding.h share.h curl_md4.h \
curl_md5.h http_digest.h http_negotiate.h http_ntlm.h inet_pton.h \
strtoofft.h strerror.h inet_ntop.h curlx.h curl_memory.h setup.h \
transfer.h select.h easyif.h multiif.h parsedate.h sslgen.h gtls.h \
tftp.h sockaddr.h splay.h strdup.h setup_once.h socks.h ssh.h nssg.h \
curl_base64.h rawstr.h curl_addrinfo.h curl_sspi.h slist.h nonblock.h \
curl_memrchr.h imap.h pop3.h smtp.h pingpong.h rtsp.h curl_threads.h \
warnless.h curl_hmac.h polarssl.h curl_rtmp.h curl_gethostname.h \
gopher.h axtls.h cyassl.h http_proxy.h non-ascii.h asyn.h
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