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Revision history for Perl extension Curl::easy.
Check out the file README for more info.
1.0.2 Tue Oct 10 2000:
- runs with libcurl 7.4
- modified curl_easy_getinfo(). It now calls curl_getinfo() that has
been added to libcurl in version 7.4.
1.0.1 Tue Oct 10 2000:
- Added some missing features of curl_easy_setopt():
- CURLOPT_ERRORBUFFER now works by passing the name of a perl
variable that shall be crated and the errormessage (if any)
be stored to.
- Passing filehandles (Options FILE, INFILE and WRITEHEADER) now works.
Have a look at to see how it works...
- Added a new function, curl_easy_getinfo(), that for now always
returns the number of bytes that where written to disk during the last
download. If the curl_easy_getinfo() function is included in libcurl,
(as promised by Daniel ;-)) i will turn this into just a call to this
1.0 Thu Oct 5 2000:
- first released version
- runs with libcurl 7.3
- some features of curl_easy_setopt() are still missing:
- passing function pointers doesn't work (options WRITEFUNCTION,
- passing FILE * pointers doesn't work (options FILE, INFILE and
- passing linked lists doesn't work (options HTTPHEADER and
- setting the buffer where to store error messages in doesn't work
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