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ftp_sendquote: use PPSENDF, not FTPSENDF

The last remaining code piece that still used FTPSENDF now uses PPSENDF.
In the problematic case, a PREQUOTE series was done on a re-used
connection when Curl_pp_init() hadn't been called so it had messed up
pointers. The init call is done properly from Curl_pp_sendf() so this
change fixes this particular crash.

Reported by: Sam Deane
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commit ca62ac69bbda381b3ba3a7b8bca63e82e84743ab 1 parent 048726a
@bagder authored
Showing with 1 addition and 3 deletions.
  1. +1 −3 lib/ftp.c
4 lib/ftp.c
@@ -162,8 +162,6 @@ static CURLcode ftp_dophase_done(struct connectdata *conn,
bool connected);
/* easy-to-use macro: */
-#define FTPSENDF(x,y,z) if((result = Curl_ftpsendf(x,y,z)) != CURLE_OK) \
- return result
#define PPSENDF(x,y,z) if((result = Curl_pp_sendf(x,y,z)) != CURLE_OK) \
return result
@@ -3523,7 +3521,7 @@ CURLcode ftp_sendquote(struct connectdata *conn, struct curl_slist *quote)
acceptfail = TRUE;
- FTPSENDF(conn, "%s", cmd);
+ PPSENDF(&conn->proto.ftpc.pp, "%s", cmd);
pp->response = Curl_tvnow(); /* timeout relative now */
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