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Commits on Apr 26, 2004
  1. 7.11.2 coming today

Commits on Apr 25, 2004
  1. disable-manual

  2. make the generated hugehelp.c file use the USE_MANUAL define so that it

    will be properly built with configure --disable-manual even if the source
    file is already present
Commits on Apr 24, 2004
Commits on Apr 23, 2004
  1. Replaced Curl_FormReadOneLine with Curl_formpostheader as that is the…

    … only use
    for it. It saves one extra copy of the header.
    I also added comments for several functions in formdata.c
  2. o --proxy-ntlm now checks if libcurl supports NTLM before using it

     o minor --fail with authentication bugfix
  3. minor format fix

  4. added test 163 - a simple test case that use -F field<file, to verify…

    … that
    we can pass on "odd" characters (newline, CR, tab) like this.
  5. No longer uses the valgrind option '--logfile-fd', we use the --logfile

    option instead (even though it appends the pid to the file name, making it
    harder to figure out its name to parse it after a test has run).
    Also made sure we only use valgrind for the actual test command command lines,
    not when for example running curl to detect if there are any already running
    servers are present etc.
  6. define the obsolete options to different values to prevent "duplicate…

    … case"
    situtations in bindings that still have switch() cases for them
Commits on Apr 22, 2004
  1. missing brace

  2. allow newlines in the contents when doing -F "var=[contents]"

    Robert Marlow reported.
  3. - David Byron found and fixed a small bug with the --fail and authent…

      stuff added a few weeks ago.  Turns out that if you specify --proxy-ntlm and
      communicate with a proxy that requires basic authentication, the proxy
      properly returns a 407, but the failure detection code doesn't realize it
      should give up, so curl returns with exit code 0. Test case 162 verifies
  4. If a transfer is found out to be only partial, libcurl will now treat…

    … that
    as a problem serious enough to skip the final QUIT command before closing
    the control connection. To avoid the risk that it will "hang" waiting for
    the QUIT response. Added test case 161 to verify this.
  5. If only a partial file was transfered, we consider that a fatal probl…

    …em so
    we won't try to QUIT the control connection and risk "hanging" waiting for
    a response. Test case 161 verifies this. The quit-sending function was
    also made static.
  6. Added comments

  7. modified how valgrind is run to make sure that file handle 3 exists when

    we tell valgrind to use that to send the logfile to
  8. danish mirror

Commits on Apr 21, 2004
  1. Gisle's items

  2. test case 160 "should work" now

  3. Fix the "lingering close" problem when re-using a connection, as test…

    … case
    160 shows.
    We got no data and we attempted to re-use a connection. This might happen if
    the connection was left alive when we were done using it before, but that was
    closed when we wanted to read from it again. Bad luck. Retry the same request
    on a fresh connect!
    Deleted the sockerror variable again, it serves no purpose anymore.
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