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Commits on Dec 21, 2014
  1. @wb8tyw

    VMS: Updates for 0740-0D1220

    wb8tyw authored committed
    lib/setup-vms.h : VAX HP OpenSSL port is ancient, needs help.
                      More defines to set symbols to uppercase.
    src/tool_main.c : Fix parameter to vms_special_exit() call.
    packages/vms/ : : Fix the error message to have the correct package.
  : Rewrite to be more accurate.
  : Use tool_version.h now.
  : Fix to handle lib/vtls directory.
      curl_gnv_build_steps.txt : Updated build procedure documentation.
           * VAX does not support 64 bit ints, so no NTLM support for now.
           * VAX HP SSL port is ancient, needs some help.
           * Disable NGHTTP2 for now, not ported to VMS.
           * Disable UNIX_SOCKETS, not available on VMS yet.
           * HP GSSAPI port does not have gss_nt_service_name.
  : Update for new curl structure.
  : Set up to optionally do a complete build.
Commits on Jul 3, 2014
  1. @kdudka

    tool: oops, forgot to include <plarenas.h>

    kdudka authored
    ... that contains the declaration of PL_ArenaFinish()
  2. @kdudka

    tool: call PL_ArenaFinish() on exit if NSPR is used

    kdudka authored
    This prevents valgrind from reporting still reachable memory allocated
    by NSPR arenas (mainly the freelist).
    Reported-by: Hubert Kario
Commits on Jul 2, 2014
  1. @kdudka

    tool: call PR_Cleanup() on exit if NSPR is used

    kdudka authored
    This prevents valgrind from reporting possibly lost memory that NSPR
    uses for file descriptor cache and other globally allocated internal
    data structures.
Commits on Mar 1, 2014
  1. @captain-caveman2k
  2. @captain-caveman2k
Commits on Feb 28, 2014
  1. @dfandrich
Commits on Feb 27, 2014
  1. @captain-caveman2k
  2. @captain-caveman2k
Commits on Feb 25, 2014
  1. @captain-caveman2k

    tool: Moved --showerror to the global config

    captain-caveman2k authored
    Other global options such as --libcurl, --trace and --verbose to
Commits on Feb 24, 2014
  1. @captain-caveman2k
  2. @captain-caveman2k
Commits on Feb 23, 2014
  1. @captain-caveman2k
  2. @captain-caveman2k
  3. @captain-caveman2k
  4. @captain-caveman2k
  5. @captain-caveman2k

    tool_cfgable: Renamed Configurable structure to OperationConfig

    captain-caveman2k authored
    To allow for the addition of a global config structure and prevent
    confusion between the two.
Commits on Feb 22, 2014
  1. @captain-caveman2k

    tool_operate: Start to use CURLcode rather than int for return codes

    captain-caveman2k authored
    To help assist with the detection of incorrect return codes, as per
    commits ee23d13, 33b8960 and aba9899, updated the operate
    based functions to return CURLcode error codes.
Commits on Feb 8, 2014
  1. @captain-caveman2k
Commits on Feb 7, 2014
  1. @captain-caveman2k
  2. @captain-caveman2k
Commits on Feb 3, 2014
  1. @captain-caveman2k
  2. @captain-caveman2k
  3. @captain-caveman2k

    tool_main: Fixed compilation warning from commit 0104678

    captain-caveman2k authored
    no previous prototype for function 'memory_tracking_init'
  4. @captain-caveman2k
Commits on Feb 2, 2014
  1. @captain-caveman2k
Commits on Feb 1, 2014
  1. @captain-caveman2k

    tool_main: Moved config struct initialisation into a separate function

    captain-caveman2k authored
    In preparation for adding URL specific options moved the initialisation
    of the Configurable structure into a separate function in tool_cfgable.
Commits on May 6, 2013
  1. @kdudka
Commits on Mar 13, 2013
  1. @yangtse

    tool_main.c: remove redundant vms_show storage-class specifier

    yangtse authored
    vms_show 'extern' storage-class specifier removed from tool_main.c due to...
    - Advice from Tor Arntsen:
    - HP OpenVMS docs stating that 'Extern is the default storage class for
      variables declared outside a function.'
      (Storage_Classes section)
  2. @yangtse

    tool_main.c: fix VMS global variable storage-class specifier

    Tom Grace authored yangtse committed
    An extern submits a psect and a global reference to the linker to point
    to it. Using "extern int vms_show = 0" also creates a globaldef.
    The use of the extern by itself does declare a psect but does not declare
    a globalsymbol. It does declare a globalref. But the linker needs one and
    only one globaldef or there is an error.
Commits on Feb 6, 2013
  1. @yangtse

    vms_show: post VMS patch cleanup - II

    yangtse authored
    - remove multiple declarations of vms_show and add comments
  2. @yangtse

    tool_main.c: post VMS patch cleanup - I

    yangtse authored
    - remove header inclusion already done in curl_setup_once.h
Commits on Feb 5, 2013
  1. @wb8tyw

    VMS: fix and generate the VMS build config

    wb8tyw authored committed is a new file that generates a config.h file based on the file and a quick scan of the configure script.  This is
    actually a generic procedure that is shared with other VMS packages.
    The existing pre-built config-vms.h had over 100 entries that were not
    correct and in some cases conflicted with the build options available in
    the is a helper procedure to the  It covers the cases that the generic is not
    able to figure out, and accepts input from the procedure. is a new file to generate the curlbuild.h file
    that Curl is now using when it is using a curl_config.h file.
    post-config-vms.h is a new file that is needed to provide VMS specific
    definitions, and most of them need to be set before the system header
    files are included.
    The VMS build procedure is fixed:
       1. Fixed to link in the correct HP ssl library.
       2. Fixed to detect if HP Kerberos is installed.
       3. Fixed to detect if HP LDAP is installed.
       4. Fixed to detect if gnv$libzshr is installed.
       5. Simplified the input parameter parsing to not use a loop.
       6. Warn that 64 bit pointer option support is not complete
          in comments.
       7. Default to IEEE floating if platform supports it so
          resulting libcurl will be compatible with other
          open source projects on VMS.
       8. Default to LARGEFILE if platform supports it.
       9. Default to enable SSL, LDAP, Kerberos, libz
          if the libraries are present.
       10. Build with exact case global symbols for libcurl.
       11. Generate linker option file needed.
       12. Compiler list option only commonly needed items.
       13. fulllist option for those who really want it.
       14. Create debug symbol file on Alpha, IA64.
Commits on Jan 9, 2013
  1. @yangtse
  2. @yangtse
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