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This is just a small collection of perl scripts that use curl to do
their jobs.

If you need a proxy configuration in order to get HTTP or FTP
documents, do edit your .curlrc file in your HOME dir to contain:
-x <proxy host>:<proxy port>

These scripts are all written by Daniel Stenberg.
  This script fetches an HTML page, extracts all links and references to
  other documents and then goes through them to check that they work.
  Reports progress in a format intended for machine-parsing.
  You ever wanted to download a bunch of programs a certain HTML page has
  links to? This program extracts all links and references from a web page
  and then compares them to the regex you supply. All matches will be
  downloaded in the target directory of your choice.
  This script recursively downloads all files from a directory on an ftp site
  and all subdirectories it has. Optional depth-level.
  Downloads an HTML page (or reads stdin) and reports a human readable report
  about the FORM(s) present. What method, what URL, which input or select
  field, what default values they have and what submit buttons there are. It
  is useful if you intend to use curl to properly fake a form submission.
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