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man page: Jari Aalto did language fixing

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12 roffit.1
@@ -13,24 +13,24 @@ converts the \fIinputfile\fP to \fIoutputfile\fP. The \fIinputfile\fP must be
an nroff formatted man page, and the \fIoutputfile\fP will be an HTML
-.IP --bare
+.IP \-\-bare
The output HTML will not include any HTML, HEAD or BODY tags. Also not that
when this is selected, there will be no inlined CSS but you will have to
define the necessary classes yourself.
-.IP --version
+.IP \-\-version
Display version number and exit
-.IP --mandir=<dir>
+.IP \-\-mandir=<dir>
Set a directory in which \fIroffit\fP will check for other man pages (in nroff
[name].[num] format) that this one refers to. If found, a <a href> link will
be made to that page with a html extension instead of the number. The file
name in the generated link will be prefixed by the dir given with
This works for references specified as \fImanpage(3)\fP (within the emhpasis
foformatting) and in a plain \.BR section (often used in the SEE ALSO
-.IP --hrefdir=<dir>
-Specify a directory to prefix generated href links created with the --mandir
+.IP \-\-hrefdir=<dir>
+Specify a directory to prefix generated href links created with the \-\-mandir
option. This defaults to ".".
.IP h2.nroffsh
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