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Creating shipping method-Bagisto

Shipping Method

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I hope that you know how to create package, if not(refer Package development{: target="_blank"}), and I will skip package development step

Steps to create shipping methods

  • User need to create a file named as carriers.php at src/config path in the package. Here, we are going to specify what to include in your carriers.php file.

    return [
        'FedEx' => [
            'code' => 'fedex',
            'title' => 'FedEx',
            'description' => 'FedEx Shipping',
            'active' => true,
            'type' => 'per_unit',
            'class' => 'ACME\FedEx\Carriers\FedEx',
Parameters needed for explanation
  1. code : unique value used for referring the particular menu

  2. title : label/name to display at user interface

  3. description : about your shipping method.

  4. active : enable/disable option for shipping method

  5. type : these field specifies that the shipping method apply as per_unit or per_order

  6. class : path specified with filename 'namespace\package-name\Carriers-folder\filename'

  • And, Carriers named folder inside src folder. We will now create a file name as our shipping method name for better understandability inside Carriers folder e.g., Fedex.php

    1. File Fedex.php will extends AbstractShipping class which is defined at Webkul\Shipping\Carriers\AbstractShipping. Inside this file, the methods are defined that you can use while creating shipping method.

    2. Now, you can write all operations needed for your shipping method in Fedex.php file

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