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A diagramming tool developed in D
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Doodle - a simple diagramming tool written in D using GtkD toolkit.

Author: David Bryant <>

Build instructions (approximately - adjust for your local setup):

1.  Clone and build my 'doodle-support' branch of bob:
    Put executables bob and bob-config somewhere in your path.

        cd ${HOME}/source/d
        git clone bob.git
        cd bob.git
        git checkout doodle-support
        ./         # XXX tries build directly into ~/bin
        cp bob bob-config ${HOME}/local/bin

2.  Download and build GtkD (2 options here):

        Official release (

            cd ${HOME}/source/d
            mkdir GtkD-2.0 ; cd GtkD-2.0
            unzip ../

        Or git (

            cd ${HOME}/source/d
            git clone GtkD.git
            cd GtkD.git

3.  Clone doodle and establish build directory:

        cd ${HOME}/source/d
        git clone doodle.git
        cd doodle.git
        bob-config --mode=debug ${HOME}/build/doodle/debug

4.  Adjust doodle build directory symlink to GtkD

        cd ${HOME}/build/doodle/debug/src

        Official release:

            ln -s ${HOME}/source/d/GtkD-2.0 GtkD

        Or git:

            ln -s ${HOME}/source/d/GtkD.git GtkD

4.  Build doodle:

        cd ${HOME}/build/doodle/debug

6.  Run doodle:

        ./run dist/bin/doodle

Other info:

    Building within vim:

        set makeprg=bob

    ctags with D support:

        tar zxvf ctags-5.8.tar.gz
        cd ctags-5.8
        patch < ${HOME}/source/d/doodle.git/nobuild/ctags.patch
        ./configure --prefix=${HOME}/local
        make && make install

        cd ${HOME}/build/doodle/debug
        find -L src -name \*.d | ctags -L- --extra=+f -f TAGS ;

    Make the TAGS:

        cd ${HOME}/build/doodle/debug
        # find -L src -name \*.d | ctags -L- --extra=+f -f TAGS ;

    docutils with plantuml support:

        svn checkout \
        cd docutils-plantuml-patched.svn
        patch -p0 < ${HOME}/source/d/doodle.git/nobuild/docutils-plantuml.patch
        ./ build
        ./ install --prefix=${HOME}/local
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