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by Jan Neurocny from


Wunderground doesn't support secured HTTPS protocol for their Weather Strickers®, so they not works on secured sites. Until Wunderground resolve this error, we've decided to develop a script that will keep Weather Stickers running on HTTPS sites. Our PHP script get Wunderground Weather Sticker® via PHP file_get_contents function and directly show as image.

Developers of this script has no responsibility for the use of this script and site.


WUbanner required PHP 5.4.7 or later. For full HTTPS support your domain or subdomain must have HTTPS certificate.

Installation and Use

Simply copy wubanner.php and index.php (index.php is required only for generator frontpage, for image only is not required) to your web server.

Allowed banner types: pws250 / pws250_metric / pws250_both wxstnsticker / wxstnsticker_metric / wxstnsticker_both WeatherStationCount


WUbanner is under MIT License.

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