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# Convert a collection of Reddit submission titles to a matrix of tokens occurrences
import pickle
from sklearn.feature_extraction.text import HashingVectorizer
from sklearn.metrics.pairwise import linear_kernel
from scipy.sparse import vstack
def get_tokens_vector(corpus):
hv = HashingVectorizer(analyzer='word', stop_words = 'english')
tok_vector = hv.fit_transform(corpus)
return tok_vector
def get_similar_items_index(index, tok_vector, n = 5, score = 0.5):
similarities = linear_kernel(tok_vector[index:index + 1], tok_vector).flatten()
# sort and reverse
similar_indexes = similarities.argsort()[::-1]
for i in similar_indexes[0:n]:
if i != index and similarities[i] >= score:
yield i, similarities[i]
def get_similar_items(corpus, index, tok_vector):
for i, _ in get_similar_items_index(index, tok_vector):
yield corpus[i]
def update_token_vector(tok_vector, tok_vector_new):
return vstack([tok_vector, tok_vector_new])
def save_token_vector(file_name, tok_vector):
with open(file_name, "wb") as fp:
pickle.dump(tok_vector, fp)
def load_token_vector(file_name):
with open(file_name, "rb") as fp:
return pickle.load(fp)