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# Scrape subreddit in a set of JSON files which represents one submission
# per file with all comments.
# here is the JSON structure:
# {
# 'permalink': <post URL relative to reddit domain name>,
# 'title': <post title >,
# 'created': <post creation date>,
# 'url': <post URL>,
# 'body': <post text, can be empty>,
# 'ups': <post upvotes>,
# 'comments': [ { 'body': <comment text>, 'ups': <comment upvotes>,
# 'comments': <comment replies> } ]
# }
import praw
import json
import os
# authentication is a module located in the same direcotry as current script.
# You need to add credentials in order to make request to Reddit.
# To get credentials go to your account preference in Reddit => select apps tab
# => click 'create another app' button and fill all info there, then get secret and
# client id (random string under application name in left top corner)
# User agent is a brief description of your bot, like: "joebot"
# !!! Keep this file out of repository on your local machine as this is your private
# information and must be not shared with others.
import authentication as auth
except ImportError:
auth = {'user_agent': "<YOUR USER AGENT NAME HERE>",
'secret_id': "<YOUR SECRET ID HERE>",
'client_id': "<YOUR CLIENT ID HERE>"}
def add_comment_tree(root_comment, all_comments):
comment_prop = {'body': root_comment.body,
if root_comment.replies:
comment_prop['comments'] = list()
for reply in root_comment.replies:
add_comment_tree(reply, comment_prop['comments'])
def get_submission_output(submission):
return {
'permalink': submission.permalink,
'title': submission.title,
'created': submission.created,
'url': submission.url,
'body': submission.selftext,
'comments': list()
def save_submission(output, submission_id, output_path):
# flush to file with submission id as name
out_file = os.path.join(output_path, submission_id + ".json")
with open(out_file, "w") as fp:
json.dump(output, fp)
def parse_subreddit(subreddit, output_path, include_comments=True):
reddit = praw.Reddit(user_agent=auth['user_agent'], client_id=auth['client_id'],
subreddit = reddit.subreddit(subreddit)
submissions = subreddit.submissions()
for submission in submissions:
print("Working on ... ", submission.title)
output = get_submission_output(submission)
if include_comments:
for comment in submission.comments:
add_comment_tree(comment, output['comments'])
# flush to file with submission id as name
save_submission(output,, output_path)
if __name__ == '__main__':
parse_subreddit("smallbusiness", "/tmp/smallbusiness/", include_comments=False)