Programs to identify link communities in complex networks
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Here is the code for finding link communities [1] in complex networks. Currently, we have two implementations: Python and C++.

  • Python: This implements the complete algorithm. It calculates similarities, constructs the dendrogram, and extracts the optimal communities. It is suitable for many occasions, is easy to use, and gives the exact solution. It may be too slow for very large networks, however, in which case you may want to use the C++ version.

  • C++: to save computing time and memory usage, it calculates similarities but does not construct the dendrogram. You must manually specify the similarity threshold used to obtain the communities.


  1. Yong-Yeol Ahn, James P. Bagrow, and Sune Lehmann, Link communities reveal multiscale complexity in networks, Nature 466, 761 (2010).