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Quick and easy deployment of decapod for testing ceph deployments
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Decapod Vagrant Development

Quick and simple way of spinning up vagrant hosts with decapod containers for testing ceph deployments

What's Included

Vagrant will provision 4 vms. One vm for decapod itself and three others to be used as ceph nodes for testing.


Using Vagrant

  • virtualbox
  • vagrant

Without Vagrant

  • ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • docker
  • docker-compose

Build Decapod From Source

With Vagrant

  • vagrant up decapod
    • deployment will take up to an hour to build the decapod containers
  • vagrant ssh decapod
  • cd /vagrant
  • ./

Without Vagrant

This will deploy only decapod on the current host using docker. It will bypass all vagrant requirements.

  • ./

Generating new cloud init data

  • ./

Adding Server To Cluster

  • From host with docker installed ./
  • Copy cloud-init-user-data to new node
  • In new node run ./


Login at

  • username: root
  • password: root
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