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An HTTP server used to keep an eye on gas prices for Ethereum.


  • /gas Returns current fast, average, and low price in Gwei. Example response:
{"error": false, "message": { "fast": 121, "average": 62, "low": 35, "blockNum": 14263482 }}
  • /average?fromTime=<ut>&toTime=<ut> Returns average gas price (average of recorded fast, average, and low in time period, averaged) recorded between two unix timestamps. Example response:
{"error": false, "message": { "averageGasPrice": 337, "fromTime": 123, "toTime": 1645461834 }}


  1. Copy .env.example to .env and replace the username and password to the desired credentials to the MongoDB database along with the database name (which will run in Docker, not a pre-existing database).
  2. Adjust FETCH_INTERVAL to configure how frequently the server reaches out to EthGasStation for new predictions (in seconds).
  3. Run docker-compose -f up to run in production mode.
    • If you would like to run in development mode, run docker-compose up instead. This will watch and reload the code on changes and will enable debug logs.

Decisions & Reasoning

  • MongoDB isn't configured to store a log file on disk since Docker's log command reads from stdout (which MongoDB is logging to)
  • was utilized because it does not require an API key
  • All numbers returned from this API use Gwei to measure price of gas and
  • Average is rounded since the example response in the challenge had integers.


  • If you are having issues with running the server or if you made changes and they don't appear on production mode try running docker-compose build to rebuild the Docker image for the server.

Other notes

There are a few things that I would add before going to production with this:

  • Automatically catching exceptions server-wide and handling them like the API endpoints handle them.
  • Inquire about the usage of this API and consider returning cached responses if EthGasStation API is unavailable or a price was fetched within x seconds.
  • While there are error strings, ideally I would include stable machine-readable error codes to ease development for users of the API and minimize required changes.
  • Most importantly, I'd write tests for this code. If the API is going live it wouldn't be fun to know it's broken in production. However, I have not used Typescript before this challenge and did not have the time to explore testing.


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