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This is a port of one of my CS assignments in Rust to improve performance. Here's an xkcd-style chart to show the improvement when starting up, reading the dictionary and finding rhymes for 300 unique words:

Rust vs Python implementation performance

As with my go-greenscreen project, the performance improvement wasn't initially as good as the final version. I used cargo flamegraph, criterion-rs and perf to measure areas which could improve and changes in performance, although the numbers in the chart are from time but they were fairly consistent in my experience. I plan to eventually push my first and second attempts at this but for now here's another very scientific chart to show the improvements (xkcd-style charts are my favorite).

Performance at each attempt

Lessons Learned

  • Second attempt: Parsing data into the Phonemes struct once when loading the dictionary is faster than parsing for each word for large numbers of words (duh). It's a tradeoff between a quick startup and slow search vs slow startup and quick search (slow startup here is about 189ms on my machine so it's worth it IMO)
  • Final attempt: Using filter and map was significantly faster than using for loops for some reason. Also, I managed to reduce run time by about 250ms by avoiding things I didn't really need and looking into how some of the functions work. For instance, I was collecting word_rhymes into a vector for each pronunciation of the input word before using append to add it to the final result. Using extend without collecting word_rhymes (leaving it as an iterator) gave me a nice performance boost.
  • Post-final: While toying with the code a little bit, I tried to swap the order of the conditions in the check_rhyme function. I expected a difference in performance but I was surprised to see it go from around 1.10 seconds to ~2.15 seconds. It appears that order matters a lot more than I thought it would.


First input line should be the path to a dictionary of format similar to WordToPhonemes.txt and every line after that can be a word to search. To exit, type exit.

Closing Words

Looking at my profiling results, I think that around 0.6 seconds should be achievable. At this point, the program spends half its run time comparing data (which should be a good thing) but the other half has to do with vectors so I'm guessing it's either something inefficient I'm doing or me sorting all the data (which is required). However, I'm happy with the current result and I don't intend to significantly modify the code soon. Thanks for reading!


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