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2.1.0 (REL1_31)

  • Enhancement: Add force_check feature (with prevent_force_check config)


  • Breaking changes: Table fields renamed; possible config renames
  • License: Add BSD-3-Clause
  • Update: Update APIs and extension format per 1.31.1+ version
  • Enhancement: Added support for caching and jobs to significantly decrease server load
  • Enhancement: Allow namespace whitelist and blacklist
  • Enhancement: Add distinct statuses for "checking" and "erred" (along with "existing" and "missing")
  • Enhancement: Allow use of footer or toolbox, including via config to enable/disable either and to differently style either
  • Enhancement: Nofollow
  • Enhancement: Allow exclusions JSON file (may in the future be read from special page to allow writing of additions)
  • Config additions and other changes


  • Initial version
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