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Quickly determine the latest available version of a package in npm
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Quickly determine the latest available version of a package in npm

Useful for command line tools that want to check for available upgrades


Get the latest version number of autocast

var latest = require('latest');

latest('autocast', function(err, v) {
  // => "0.0.3"

Errors passed directly from npm

var latest = require('latest');

latest('i-hope-this-package-never-exists', function(err, v) {
  // => "404 Not Found: i-hope-this-package-never-exists"

Convenience Function

Check for upgrades in an app

var latest = require('latest');
var p = require('./package.json');

latest.checkupdate(p, function(ret, message) {
  // => "you are running the latest version 0.0.1"
  // => 0

checkupdate(package-json-obj, cb(ret, message))

A convenience method that will check for newer versions of a module in npm given a package.json object as the first argument.

The callback fires with a return code suitable for exiting with, and a message to print

Command Line

$ latest latest json npm notfound
latest: 0.1.2
json: 9.0.3
npm: 2.6.0
notfound: Error: 404 Not Found: notfound


npm install [-g] latest


npm test


MIT Licensed

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