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Pull the lastest blocklists from notracking/hosts-blocklists, verify them, and install them
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Pull the latest blocklists from, verify them, and install them.


Clone this repository to a directory on your system:

git clone git://
cd notracking

Run the update command, this will:

  1. pull the latest hostnames.txt and domains.txt files to a temporary file in the current directory
  2. Validate them using the validate script (ensure the lines are well formed and the IPs are only :: or
  3. Move them from their temporary file to hostnames.txt and domains.txt respectively
  4. Optionally run a command after this is done given as arguments


 # ./update svcadm -v restart dnsmasq
 Sun Jul  8 11:43:19  2018
 pulling latest domains list (
 validating domains list (domains.txt.tmp)
 installing domains list: /home/dave/dev/notracking/domains.txt
 pulling latest hostnames list (
 validating hostnames list (hostnames.txt.tmp)
 installing hostnames list: /home/dave/dev/notracking/hostnames.txt
 running: svcadm -v restart dnsmasq
 Action restart set for svc:/pkgsrc/dnsmasq:default.
 finished running - code: 0
 done.  took 2 seconds

Any arguments to ./update will be run after the files are updated and put in place - this is optional.


Node.JS must be installed for the validate script to work.


MIT License

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