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Pull and install the latest host file from
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Pull and install the latest host file from provided by Dan Pollock


Run the script with no arguments to pull and install the latest host file. This script does not need to be run as root, as it will attempt to install the host file with sudo if it fails at first.

$ ./someonewhocares
> pulling latest host file from done
> validating host file... passed
> installing new host file
tee: /etc/hosts: Permission denied
> failed - retrying with sudo
> finished! # Last updated: Nov 24th, 2013 at 10:24

The host file downloaded is automatically validated to ensure that each IP address is,,, ::1, or fe80::1%lo0 before being installed.


$ someonewhocares
usage: someonewhocares [options]

pull and install the latest host file from

  -h           print this message and exit
  -t <type>    the host file type to pull, can be [ipv6, zero], leave blank for default
  -u           uninstall the host file by replacing it with a default template


MIT License

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