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A package manager for ArchLinux based on 'pacman'

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Karun (A package manager for ArchLinux based on 'pacman')

== Introduction ==

Karun is a graphical package manager for ArchLinux.  It is written in Java and
uses 'pacman' behind the scenes.

== Current Status ==

Karun is in the early development phase.  So until version is 0.1.0 is out it
is NOT recommended to use Karun on any serious machine!

== How To Run? ==

So if you're interested in contributing, finding bugs or just curious AND have
a spare machine or a virtual machine to screw up, do as below:
  1.  Grab a copy of Karun.
  2.  Extract the archive and 'cd' into the directory.
  3.  Run the following at the command prompt:
        $ ant
  4.  Now run:
        $ java -cp $CLASSPATH:lib/commons-compress-1.1.jar:lib/commons-io-2.0.1.jar:commons-lang-2.6.jar -jar Karun.jar 

== Notes ==

You may wonder what does 'Karun' mean.
It is a large river located southwest of Iran which finally flows into
Persian Gulf.  It is the largest river of Iran which is the source of life for
many creatures, plants and even humans.  And yet, it just generously passes by,
feeding life as it swirls under the powerful and bright sunshine of Khuzestan.
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