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Amailyser (The E-mail Analyser)

== Introduction ==

This program loads your local mailboxes either in 'maildir' or 'mbox' format,
reads each message and perisit the important fields in a database.

== What To Do With The Databsae? ==

You can run the most complex and mind-blowing queries using whatever tools you
wish ranging from simpler reporting tools like JasperReports to OLAP to
exctract the juice out of your e-mail data.

== How To Run Amailyser? ==

Make sure you have Python 2.x and SQLAlchemy installed.  This link may

Now that everything's ready do as below:
1.  Grab a copy of amailyser.
2.  Exctract the archive.
3.  Edit 'amailyser/src/' to suite your requirements and save it.
4.  Open a command prompt.
5.  'cd' into 'amailyser/'.
6.  Execute the following command:
     $ EXPORT PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:src/ ; python src/
7.  That's all.  Have fun busting your database with brilliant queries :-)

== Notes ==

*  amailyser is written using Python 2.x
*  Currently amailyser supports only 'maildir' and 'mbox' formats.
*  The default database is SQLite but you can almost use whatever database you
   wish.  The only limitation is SQLAlchemy's support for the target database.
*  For more information please visit: