JavaScript widget and page unit testing with on the fly instrumentation
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JavaScript widget and page unit testing with on the fly instrumentation

NPM info

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npm install -g lasso-node

Install phantomjs (version 1.8 or higher is recommended), it should be in the path.

30 second example

  1. Open examples\basic\foo.html in a browser. It should load foo.js, fooTests.js but report no coverage.

  2. From command line run lasso on foo.html

    lasso-node foo.html

Lasso starts a local webserver, starts phantomjs, runs the foo.html through the phantomjs. When phantomjs is asking for a .js file, lasso loads the js, instruments using istanbul and serves the instrumented version. Thus javascript code coverage is computed absolutely transparently to the testing code. After phantomjs is done, it saved the coverage object into a json file. Node then creates several reports: console and html. The html reports are very detailed, please take a look at them inside folder cover.


Use -h or --help command line switch to see all available options

Main ones:

  • --jsunity - filters a few jsunity library js files to avoid instrumenting 3rd party tools
  • --serve - start the webserver and wait, you can then open http://localhost:8888/foo.html in any browser to see what phantomjs is running.


Please contact me, Gleb Bahmutov at with any comments, questions or suggestions.


MIT license, see included file. You can do pretty much anything except claim code ownership or sue me if there are problems ;)