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##copy & pastes

  • Chapter 7 and 8 introduce the fancybox jQuery plugin.
    They each contain a folder labeled fancybox.
    Copy and paste the folder into the _js folder.

  • Chapter 7 has a folder labeled example.
    Copy and paste the folder into the _js folder.
    The _js folder should now contain 3three folders.

  • Chapter 8 has a folder labeled images with a single image file: arrow.png.
    Copy and paste the image file into the _images folder.


  • Chapter 9 introduces forms and validation. This tool might come inhandy: html2jade
    Also, in the validation.jade file pay attention to the form(action='...').
    A few extra steps are needed to get this working:

  • Chapter 11 introduces AJAX.
    jQuery's documentation works wonders.
    A file login.php is used for the example AJAX but I created a login.js file that takes care of the communication and added a post route the response with the desired output.
    *note the differences between $.getJSON , $.get, $.ajax and $.postJSON

  • Chapter 12 had an interesting application with Google Maps.
    A problem that I ran into was in the map.jade file. I missed spell append stylesheets (I had stylesheet) and that resulted in the map not displaying.
    No errors were thrown.