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#A good exercise to learn about node.js and express.js/jade.js.##

The book JavsScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual comes with plenty of examples that can be downloaded.

It wasn't until chapter 11 that AJAX is introduced when the user must have a server up.
I decided to flip through the books examples and import them into an express framework using jade to render the html.

Once you get over the indentation that jade uses (if you're coming from python this is not an issue) it turns out you can do some pretty cool things.

## Getting Started ##
  • Run the command express JSandjQ to setup the project folders.
  • cd JSandjQ and run npm install.
  • Go to JavsScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual and download the example code.
  • copy/paste the _css, _images, _js files from the example code into the public folder created during the express setup.
  • All set to follow the examples and pump out some NODE!

## Learn the docs ##