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Spider Notes:
TechCrunch recent posts use relative time.
That is, recent posts are timestamped as:
"2 hours ago"
"posted 2 min ago"
"posted 12 hours ago"
"posted yesterday"
Part of the goal is to be able to query the db posts and compare them with the homepage to see
if any new posts are present. If so, then scrape the new information.
Because the timestamp is relative to the client the scraping time must be accounted for so
the database knows the time in which the relative-time is referring too.
The timestamp took account of the timezone.
Insert the timestamp into database as string.
Retrieve the string and convert it back to timestamp.
The following sources helped:
A problem encountered with the scraped information was character encodings.
The information must be encoded to 'utf-8' to be able to go into the database.
Set the charset='utf-8' to the db connections
Checkout MySQLdb under "Functions and attributes"
To avoid duplicates from the getGo use the primary key to your advantage
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