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🐛 Fixed

  • Fix field scope detection after rc.6 change in directive lifecycle hooks.
  • Fix target based (after, confirmed, before) rules ignoring the custom names set in attributes dictionary #598
  • Fix radio buttons validation with validateAll #609
  • Fix ambiguous error reporting #619
  • Fix improper validation where fastExit is enabled #607


  • Checkboxes now have a special interaction with the required rule, as false is considered an empty value, for other input types false is a perfectly valid value #613.
  • Promise based validations are no longer required to return an object containing valid property, they can now return booleans directly #608.
  • date_format can now be provided in the dictionary object, removing the need to pass it everytime you use a date rule #576.
import { Validator } from 'vee-validate';

Validator.dictionary.setDateFormat('locale', 'format');

// Your locale files can also contain `dateFormat` attribute as a root property in the locale object.
const fr = {
  messages: {},
  attributes: {},
  custom: {},
  dateFormat: 'format'

// then you can use `updateDictionary` method to merge your locale in
Validator.updateDictionary({ fr });