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A light-weight RPC implement of google protobuf RPC framework.
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A light-weight RPC implementation of Google's protobuf RPC framework.



  • High performace.
  • Easy to use. Refer to sample code in './sample'.
  • Supports sync call and async call. Refer to './sample/echo'.
  • Supports three level (service/method/request) timeout. Refer to './sample/timeout_sample'.
  • Supports transparent compression. Refer to './sample/compress_sample'.
  • Supports mock test. Refer to './sample/mock_sample'.
  • Supports network flow control.
  • Supports auto connecting and reconnecting.
  • Supports keep alive time of idle connections.
  • Supports statistics for profiling.
  • Supports multi-server load balance and fault tolerance.
  • Supports http protocol.
  • Provides web monitor.
  • Provides python client library.


This lib depends on boost-1.53.0 (only need header), protobuf-2.4.1, snappy and zlib:

ATTENTION: boost header is only needed when compiling the lib, but is not needed for user code.

Extrally, './unit-test' and './sample/mock_sample' also depends on gtest:


  1. Modify the file './' to specify depending libs.
    The necessary libs are boost, protobuf, snappy, and zlib.
  2. Run 'make' to build sofa-pbrpc.
    The default optimization level is 'O2'.
    To change it, modify the 'OPT' variable in file './Makefile'.
  3. Run 'make install' to install sofa-pbrpc.
    The default install directory is './output'.
    To change it, modify the 'PREFIX' variable in file './Makefile'.

For more details, please refer to the wiki Build Guide.


For sample code, please refer to './sample' and the wiki Quick Start.


For Profiling feature, please refer to the wiki Profiling.


For performace details, please refer to the wiki Performance.


For implementation details, please refer to the wiki and file doc/


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