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// Copyright (c) 2014, Inc. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <google/protobuf/service.h>
#include <sofa/pbrpc/common.h>
#include <sofa/pbrpc/ext_closure.h>
#include <sofa/pbrpc/rpc_error_code.h>
#include <sofa/pbrpc/profiling_linker.h>
namespace sofa {
namespace pbrpc {
// Defined in other files.
class RpcServerImpl;
struct HTTPRequest;
struct HTTPResponse;
struct RpcServerOptions {
int work_thread_num; // thread count for network handing and service processing, default 8.
int max_connection_count; // max connection count to accept.
// should >= -1, -1 means no limit, default -1.
int keep_alive_time; // keep alive time of idle connections.
// idle connections will be closed if no read/write for this time.
// in seconds, should >= -1, -1 means forever, default -1.
int max_pending_buffer_size; // max buffer size of the pending send queue for one connection.
// in MB, should >= 0, 0 means no buffer, default 100.
// Network throughput limit.
// The network bandwidth is shared by all connections:
// * busy connections get more bandwidth.
// * the total bandwidth of all connections will not exceed the limit.
int max_throughput_in; // max network in throughput for all connections.
// in MB/s, should >= -1, -1 means no limit, default -1.
int max_throughput_out; // max network out throughput for all connections.
// in MB/s, should >= -1, -1 means no limit, default -1.
bool disable_builtin_services; // If disable builtin services, including health service, list
// service, status service, and so on. Default false.
bool disable_list_service; // If disable the list service, which would public your service
// protobuf descriptor. Default false.
// Thread init function called at starting of each work thread.
// This closure should be a permanent closure created and destroyed by user.
// Default is NULL, means no init function.
// Return false if init failed.
// If any init function returns false, then the server will start failed.
ExtClosure<bool()>* work_thread_init_func;
// Thread destroy function called at ending of each work thread (even if init failed).
// This closure should be a permanent closure created and destroyed by user.
// Default is NULL, means no destroy function.
ExtClosure<void()>* work_thread_dest_func;
size_t io_service_pool_size;
//This controls the base memory block factor in malloc for writing. A base block is 64Bytes.
//default:4, it means we will use 64 << 4 = 1024B as a block size.
size_t write_buffer_base_block_factor;
//This controls the base memory block factor in malloc for reading. A base block is 64Bytes.
//default:9, it means we will use 64 << 9 = 32KB as a block size.
size_t read_buffer_base_block_factor;
//If disable Nagle's algorithm in tcp protocol.
bool no_delay;
: work_thread_num(8)
, max_connection_count(-1)
, keep_alive_time(-1)
, max_pending_buffer_size(100)
, max_throughput_in(-1)
, max_throughput_out(-1)
, disable_builtin_services(false)
, disable_list_service(false)
, work_thread_init_func(NULL)
, work_thread_dest_func(NULL)
, io_service_pool_size(1)
, write_buffer_base_block_factor(4)
, read_buffer_base_block_factor(9)
, no_delay(true)
typedef ExtClosure<bool(const HTTPRequest&, HTTPResponse&)>* Servlet;
class RpcServer
class EventHandler {
virtual ~EventHandler() {}
// This function is used to notify that some error has ocurred when accepting connections.
// The reason is passed by "error_code" and "error_text". If needed, the listener may be
// restarted to recover to usable state.
// The "error_code" may be:
virtual void NotifyAcceptFailed(RpcErrorCode error_code, const std::string& error_text) = 0;
// Constructor.
// @param options The rpc server options.
// @param handler The event handler. It will be taken overby the rpc server and will be
// deleted when the server destroys.
explicit RpcServer(const RpcServerOptions& options = RpcServerOptions(),
EventHandler* handler = NULL,
const ProfilingLinker& linker = ProfilingLinker());
virtual ~RpcServer();
// Start the server, and listen on the "server_address". If succeed started
// and listened, return true.
bool Start(const std::string& server_address);
// Stop the server.
void Stop();
// Wait the server run until catched signal SIGINT or SIGTERM.
// Returns exit code of process.
// Example:
// int main()
// {
// ... ...
// ::sofa::pbrpc::RpcServer rpc_server;
// if (!rpc_server.RegisterService(service)) {
// fprintf(stderr, "Register service failed.\n");
// return EXIT_FAILURE;
// }
// if (!rpc_server.Start(address)) {
// fprintf(stderr, "Start server failed.\n");
// return EXIT_FAILURE;
// }
// rpc_server.Run();
// return EXIT_SUCCESS;
// }
int Run();
// Get the current rpc server options.
RpcServerOptions GetOptions();
// Reset the rpc server options.
// Current only these options can be reset (others will be ignored):
// * max_pending_buffer_size : will take effective immediately.
// * max_throughput_in : will take effective from the next time slice (0.1s).
// * max_throughput_out : will take effective from the next time slice (0.1s).
// * keep_alive_time: will take effective immediately.
// Though you want to reset only part of these options, the other options also
// need to be set. Maybe you can reset by this way:
// RpcServerOptions options = rpc_server->GetOptions();
// options.max_throughput_in = new_max_throughput_in; // reset some options
// rpc_server->ResetOptions(options);
// The old and new value of reset options will be print to INFO log.
void ResetOptions(const RpcServerOptions& options);
// Register a service. If a service has been registered successfully, and the
// "take_ownership" is true, the service will be taken overby the rpc server
// and will be deleted when the server destroys.
// Services are keyed by service full name, so each service can be registered once.
// If the service full name has been registered before, return false.
// Preconditions:
// * "service" != NULL
bool RegisterService(google::protobuf::Service* service, bool take_ownership = true);
// Get the count of current registed services.
int ServiceCount();
// Get the count of current alive connections.
int ConnectionCount();
// Return true if the server is listening on some address.
bool IsListening();
// Register a path and its dealing function
// Return true if operation success
// Return false if path already exist
// Example: see sofa-pbrpc/sample/echo
// NOTE: path will be formatted
bool RegisterWebServlet(const std::string& path, Servlet servlet, bool take_ownership = true);
// Delete a path and its related function from rpc server
// Return Servlet if deleting success
// Return NULL if path not exist
// NOTE: path will be formatted
Servlet UnregisterWebServlet(const std::string& path);
const sofa::pbrpc::shared_ptr<RpcServerImpl>& impl() const
return _impl;
sofa::pbrpc::shared_ptr<RpcServerImpl> _impl;
}; // class RpcServer
} // namespace pbrpc
} // namespace sofa
/* vim: set ts=4 sw=4 sts=4 tw=100 */