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Scorbot ER4U ROS configuration files
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Scorbot ER4U ROS configuration files

This package contains Scorbot ER4U robot configuration using Moveit!

  • Each Directory contains 'readme' file for instructions about using that package. This package works with the communication between two systems-

  • Installed ROS-Indigo system With Moveit! in Ubuntu OS(or any other fully ROS supported system)
  • Matlab 2015a or above(with ROS support) in Windows 32bit system

ROS system is where we can plan and execute trajectories performed using Moveit! Windows system is necessary as the drivers came along with Scorbot ER4U works only in it. Thus we also need to install Matlab in it, so that we can communicate with real robot. This is necessary since the drivers working with the robot hosts Win32 Environment. i'm still experimenting to get it worked using wine.

install packages as per this sequence-

  1. Install MTIS toolbox(all instructions are in the package)
  2. Install/Copy-paste ROS Packages in your catkin workspace
  3. build packages using catkin_make
  4. add Environment variables in ./bash.rc
  5. confirm Environment variables in Matlab node(may not need)

Running sequence -

  1. switch on robot and connect it to Windows system
  2. execute roslaunch sboter4u_moveit_config real.launch(on Linux System)
  3. execute Matlab Node binary(or program)(on windows system)
  4. confirm robot has moved to Home position(realtime) and same is displayed in RViz Window
  5. Done
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