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Selenium Workshop

Authors: Baiju Muthukadan
Organization: ZeOmega, Bangalore
Time:3 hours
Before the workshop starts ensure everyone has the prerequisites ready.


  • Laptop
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or GNU/Linux
  • Softwares: Python 2.7, Firefox & Text Editor
  • Internet connection

About me

  • Python developer working as a Technical Architect at ZeOmega, Bangalore.
  • Contributor to Zope project since 2006
  • Authored the book titled, A Comprehensive Guide to Zope Component Architecture
  • Founded the Swathanthra Malayalam Computing project in 2001 while studying at REC, Calicut
  • Employed by Free Software Foundation of India in 2002-2003
  • Conducted many Python related talks and workshops in various parts of India including FOSS.IN
  • Contributed to Selenium Python documentation

Introduction to Selenium Webdriver

  • History
  • Example of where it is used
  • Multiple language
  • Multiple browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE, Safari)
  • The story starts in 2004 at ThoughtWorks in Chicago, with Jason Huggins
  • Shinya Kasatani started IDE
  • Simon Stewart started Webdriver

Outline of the Session

  • A sample web application written using bottle web framework will be used as the application under test (AUT)
  • All the code will be available in a git repo:
  • Installation and setting up of the Selenium test environment
  • Writing simple browser automation using Selenium webdriver API
  • The stock application created will be used to write more test cases
  • The test cases will be run using py.test testing tool

Setting up Selenium test environment (1)

Get the sample code:

wget -c -O

Extract & change to the project directory:

cd selenium_workshop-master

Setting up Selenium test environment (2)

Create a virtual environment:

python  ve

Activate virtual environment:

source ve/bin/activate

Prepare for development (This step also install dependencies):

python develop

Initial database:


Running Application

Activate virtual environment:

source ve/bin/activate

Run todo application:


You can access the application here: http://localhost:8080/

Running Test

Open another shell and activate virtual environment:

source ve/bin/activate

Run test:



PyCON India 2013, Bangalore • 30-August-2013