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This a meta for Yocto/OpenEmbedded Project

Get the source code

mkdir yocto && cd yocto
git clone -b dizzy git://
cd poky
git clone
git clone git:// # for webserver recipes
# for Reaspberry Pi device clone this meta:
git clone git://
# for Pandaboard device clone this meta:
git clone git://
# for Intel Atom Processor E38XX (NUC)  clone this meta:
git clone git://

Initialize the build environment

. oe-init-build-env build

Edit build/conf/local.conf

MACHINE ?= "raspberrypi" or "pandaboard" or "valleyisland-64"
GPU_MEM = "16"

Edit build/conf/bblayer.conf

  /home/user/yocto/poky/meta \
  /home/user/yocto/poky/meta-yocto \
  /home/user/yocto/poky/meta-yocto-bsp \
  /home/user/yocto/poky/meta-x10 \
  /home/user/yocto/poky/meta-openembedded/meta-oe \
  /home/user/yocto/poky/meta-openembedded/meta-webserver \
  /home/user/yocto/poky/meta-raspberrypi \
  /home/user/yocto/poky/meta-ti \
  /home/user/yocto/poky/meta-intel \
  /home/user/yocto/poky/meta-intel/meta-isg/meta-valleyisland \

And launch the build (in build directory)

bitbake core-image-mochad

On ubuntu makeinfo utility is packaged in texinfo

Installation on SD CARD


cd tmp/deploy/images/pandaboard
sudo cp uImage-pandaboard.bin /media/user/boot/uImage
sudo cp MLO /media/user/boot/MLO
sudo cp u-boot.img  /media/user/boot/u-boot.img
sudo tar -x -C  /media/user/rootfs/ -f core-image-mochad-pandaboard.tar.gz
sudo tar -x -C  /media/user/rootfs/ -f modules--3.4-r1a-pandaboard-20131014173402.tgz

Raspberry pi

Assuming that /dev/mmcblk0 is your SD CARD reader

sudo dd if=tmp/deploy/images/core-image-mochad-raspberrypi.rpi-sdimg of=/dev/mmcblk0


Adding Patch on mochad package

You need to copy the patch in recipes-mochad/mochad/files/
Add file://<patch>.patch in SCR_URI variable recipes-mochad/mochad/

To update your image

bitbake mochad -c cleanall # permits to clean all !
# source are cleaned and removed.
bitbake mochad 
bitbake core-image-mochad -c clean
bitbake core-image-mochad
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