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Module based IRC bot written in C with markov chains and stuff.


Refer to for the most up-to-date list of commands. This site is auto-generated from each module's source code using the ibdox program in utils/

There's also some older info if you scroll down.

Some of the !things will be "aliases" specific to certain channels not listed above. Use !lsa and !lsga to view them.

Running it

To run your own insobot instance, see this quickstart guide , other pages in the wiki, and the files '' and 'src/config.h'.

I should be available in #botdev on (ssl) if you need help. See also the Handmade Network project page for a place to post forum topics or read project updates.


Any contributions of new modules, improvements to existing modules, or raising issues / pull requests here on github is welcome.

If you want to write your own modules take a look at src/module.h for the API and src/mod_hello_world.c for an example.

Use <mymodname> to quickly get a template module.

Command List

This table shows common modules & commands. Refer to the top of each module's .c file for a complete listing, or which might be more up-to-date.

Prefix the commands with ! or \. \ sometimes doesn't work due to poor escaping (twitch irc).

Module Description Command Purpose Permission
mod_alias Adds short ! macros alias <key> <val> Adds a channel-specific alias WLIST
galias <key> <val> Adds an alias for all channels WLIST
unalias <key> Removes a channel-specific alias WLIST
gunalias <key> Removes a global alias WLIST
chaliasmod <key> <perm> Sets permission to use the alias WLIST
lsalias Lists current aliases WLIST
mod_automod Automatic moderation b <user> [sec] Times out <user> (default 10s) WLIST
ub <user> Removes timeout on <user> WLIST
mod_core Core functionality m Shows list of modules WLIST
mon <mod> Enables module <mod> WLIST
moff <mod> Disables module <mod> WLIST
minfo <mod> Show module's description WLIST
join <chan> Joins the given channel ADMIN
leave <chan> Leaves the current channel ADMIN
mod_haiku Poorly generates haikus haiku Let the poetry flow WLIST
scount <word> Show syllable guesstimate WLIST
mod_help Lists commands help [module] Shows commands (for [module]) NORMAL
mod_hmh Handmade Hero commands schedule [tz timezone] Shows HMH schedule NORMAL
time Shows time until next HMH stream NORMAL
mod_imgmacro Create Image Macros newimg <template> <text> Uploads an img macro, returns url WLIST
img <id> Recalls the url for an image by id WLIST
autoimg Auto-generates an image macro WLIST
mod_info Get info from DDG's API info <query> Shows information about the query WLIST
mod_karma Tracks ++ and -- karma Shows your own karma NORMAL
karma <user> Shows <user>'s karma WLIST
ktop [n] Shows overall top n karma ADMIN
mod_linkinfo Expands certain links <none> N/A
mod_markov Says dumb things say Force say something (5min cd) NORMAL
ask Asks something (shared 5min cd) NORMAL
interval <n> Sets the rate of random messages ADMIN
len Sets average sentence length ADMIN
status Prints markov status info ADMIN
mod_poll Create polls poll+ q? opt0 | .. | optn Create a new poll WLIST
poll- [#id] Close a poll by id (or latest) WLIST
poll [#id] Show poll status WLIST
pall / popen Show open polls WLIST
vote [#id] n Vote for option n of a poll NORMAL
mod_psa Add periodic messages psa+ <id> [args] Add a new PSA WLIST
psa- <id> Remove a previously added PSA WLIST
mod_quotes Stores quotes q [#chan] <n> Shows quote n NORMAL
q+ [#chan] <text> Adds a new quote WLIST
q- [#chan] <n> Removes a quote WLIST
qfix [#chan] <n> <text> Changes the text of quote n WLIST
qft [#chan] <n> <time> Changes the timestamp of quote n WLIST
ql Shows link to quote gist NORMAL
qs [#chan] <s> Searches for quotes containing s NORMAL
qr [#chan] Shows a random quote NORMAL
mod_schedule Stream schedule info sched+ [#chan] <schedule> Adds a schedule WLIST
sched- [#chan] <id> Removes a schedule WLIST
mod_twitch functions fnotify <on|off> {En,Dis}ables follower notifier ADMIN
uptime Shows stream's uptime NORMAL
vod Links to the latest VoD NORMAL
vod <user> Links to <user>'s latest VoD WLIST
streams Manages stream tracker WLIST
title <msg> Sets stream title [if made editor] WLIST
mod_whitelist Manages permissions wl Shows if you are whitelisted NORMAL
wl <user> Shows if <user> is whitelisted WLIST
wl+ <user> Whitelists <user> ADMIN
wl- <user> Unwhitelists <user> ADMIN


C99 modular IRC bot with markov chains








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