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#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <time.h>
#include "config.h"
typedef struct IRCCoreCtx_ IRCCoreCtx;
typedef struct IRCModMsg_ IRCModMsg;
// defined by a module to provide info & callbacks to the core.
typedef struct IRCModuleCtx_ {
const char* name;
const char* desc;
const char** commands; // null-terminated, use DEFINE_CMDS macro
intptr_t priority; // bigger number = higher priority
uintptr_t flags;
bool (*on_init) (const IRCCoreCtx* ctx);
void (*on_quit) (void);
// IRC event callbacks
void (*on_connect) (const char* serv);
void (*on_msg) (const char* chan, const char* name, const char* msg);
void (*on_action) (const char* chan, const char* name, const char* msg);
void (*on_pm) (const char* name, const char* msg);
void (*on_join) (const char* chan, const char* name);
void (*on_part) (const char* chan, const char* name);
void (*on_nick) (const char* prev_nick, const char* new_nick);
// called when a command listed by the module was found in a message, before on_msg
void (*on_cmd) (const char* chan, const char* name, const char* arg, int cmd);
// called to request the module saves any data it needs, return true to complete the save
bool (*on_save) (FILE* file);
// called when the module's data file is modified externally
void (*on_modified)(void);
// called before other callbacks to allow per-channel modules
bool (*on_meta) (const char* modname, const char* chan, int callback_id);
// simple inter-module communication callback
void (*on_mod_msg) (const char* sender, const IRCModMsg* msg);
// called atleast once every ~250ms
void (*on_tick) (time_t now);
// called if something was written to stdin
void (*on_stdin) (const char* text);
// called when a message is sent
void (*on_msg_out) (const char* chan, const char* msg);
// called on receipt of an inter-process message
void (*on_ipc) (int sender_id, const uint8_t* data, size_t data_len);
// called before a message is sent out, to allow filtering.
// chan will be NULL for a raw message.
// set msg[0] to '\0' to prevent the message being sent at all.
void (*on_filter) (size_t msg_id, const char* chan, char* msg, size_t msg_len);
// called on an unknown IRC event
void (*on_unknown) (const char* event, const char* origin, const char** params, size_t num_params);
// help / usage for commands (use DEFINE_CMDS)
const char** cmd_help;
// link to online guide / documentation for this module
const char* help_url;
} IRCModuleCtx;
// incremented when new functions are added to IRCCoreCtx
// API version history:
// 1: Initial version.
// 2: send_msg and send_raw now return an ID for the message.
// This will be passed to the filter function of IRCModuleCtx.
// 3: Added gen_event function
// passed to modules to provide functions for them to use.
struct IRCCoreCtx_ {
const uintptr_t api_version;
intptr_t (*get_info) (int id); // see IRC_INFO enum below
const char* (*get_username) (void);
const char* (*get_datafile) (void);
IRCModuleCtx** (*get_modules) (bool channel_mods_only); // null terminated
#define GET_MODULES_ALL false
const char** (*get_channels) (void); // null terminated
const char** (*get_nicks) (const char* chan, int* count_out);
void (*join) (const char* chan);
void (*part) (const char* chan);
size_t (*send_msg) (const char* chan, const char* fmt, ...) __attribute__ ((format (printf, 2, 3)));
size_t (*send_raw) (const char* raw);
void (*send_ipc) (int target, const void* data, size_t data_len); // target 0 == broadcast
void (*send_mod_msg) (IRCModMsg* msg);
void (*save_me) (void);
void (*log) (const char* fmt, ...) __attribute__ ((format (printf, 1, 2)));
void (*strip_colors) (char* msg);
bool (*responded) (void); // true if send_msg was called for the current msg already
bool (*get_tag) (size_t index, const char** k, const char** v); // IRCv3 tag iteration (if available)
// === Since API v3 ===
// Queues a synthetic IRC event that will trigger modules' callbacks as if it were an event from the IRC Server.
// The variadic args should be the same as for the corresponding on_ callback in IRCModuleCtx.
// Supported callbacks are in the enum below.
void (*gen_event) (int which, ...);
enum {
// used for on_meta callback & gen_event.
enum {
IRC_CB_CMD, // on_meta only
// used for the flags field of IRCModuleCtx
enum {
IRC_MOD_GLOBAL = 1, // not a module that can be enabled / disabled per channel
IRC_MOD_DEFAULT = 2, // enabled by default when joining new channels
// used for inter-module communication messages
struct IRCModMsg_ {
const char* cmd;
intptr_t arg;
intptr_t (*callback)(intptr_t result, intptr_t arg);
intptr_t cb_arg;
#define MOD_MSG(ctx, cmd, arg, cb, cb_arg) (ctx)->send_mod_msg(\
&(IRCModMsg){ (cmd), (intptr_t)(arg), (intptr_t(*)())(cb), (intptr_t)(cb_arg) }\
#define DEFINE_CMDS(...) (const char*[]) {\
#define CMD1(x) CONTROL_CHAR x " "
#define CMD2(x) CONTROL_CHAR_2 x " "
#define CMD(x) CMD1(x) CMD2(x)
#define CMD(x) CMD1(x)
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