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#The usual caveats about CoffeeScript apply — your inline scripts
#will run within a closure wrapper, so if you want to expose global variables or functions,
#attach them to the window object.
#return null if null empty, =val otherwise
da_feq = (val) ->
da_finn val, (x) -> "=#{x}"
window.da_feq = da_feq
#return null if val undefined, func(val) otherwise
da_finn = (val, func) ->
val = if val then func(val) else null
window.da_finn = da_finn
da_selection = ->
txt = ""
if window.getSelection
txt = window.getSelection()
else if document.getSelection
txt = document.getSelection()
else if document.selection
txt = document.selection.createRange().text
window.da_selection = da_selection
String::da_trim = ->
a = @replace /^\s+/, ""
a.replace /\s+$/, ""