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GNU License. You are free to modify and redistribute

Transtitulator, translate audio, videos, and automatically write an susbtitles file, .srt, do this with google speech recognition, and google-translate

Usage: Transtitulator , "/path-to-video/" "language-from" "language-to" Or browse to your video, and select the lenguages

Transtitulator-gtk have a zenity progress bar. Caution this script depends of been with Transtitulator, in the same folder, if you rename the script, must modify the command line.

In "language-from", its also available "auto" case you dont know the language of the audio. The languages available are down below.

Press (Ctrl+Z), to pause the process, or press (Ctrl+C) to cancel. When is paused you can resume the translations, from where stay

You can process multiple files simultaneously

You can change the language interface by execute: /

To use in nautilus-script. Replace VIDEO="$1", by : VIDEO="$NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS", and replace $VIDEO by $@, in Transtitulator-gtk. And copy to $HOME/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts , or $HOME/.local/share/nautilus/scripts

The split audio, time duration, are define in: CHUNK_LEN="4"; to 4 seconds, you can modify, for a better use.

Install dependencies: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg curl mplayer gawk zenity

Possible fails: 1, The function when process the audio, it's cut in 8 seconds fragments, and this probably cut some words. 2, Is better to google voice recongition, use clean audio, without music, or other voices, and how ever, can give errors on the convertion, also google translate, but is real that google have got fast evolu in the sources.

I'm sure it's can be made better, but is a start, I hope be help in something. Enjoy, greetings!

Written by Rodrigo Esteves

af Afrikaans ar Arabic az Azerbaijani be Belarusian bg Bulgarian bn Bengali ca Catalan cs Czech cy Welsh da Danish de German el Greek en English eo Esperanto es Spanish et Estonian eu Basque fa Persian fi Finnish fr French ga Irish gl Galician gu Gujarati hi Hindi hr Croatian ht Haitian hu Hungarian hy Armenian id Indonesian is Icelandic it Italian iw Hebrew ja Japanese ka Georgian km Khmer kn Kannada ko Korean la Latin lo Lao lt Lithuanian lv Latvian mk Macedonian ms Malay mt Maltese nl Dutch no Norwegian pl Polish pt Portuguese ro Romanian ru Russian sk Slovak sl Slovenian sq Albanian sr Serbian sv Swedish sw Swahili ta Tamil te Telugu th Thai tl Filipino tr Turkish uk Ukrainian ur Urdu vi Vietnamese yi Yiddish zh-cn Chinese-Simplified zh-tw Chinese-Traditional