A DungeonScript game made for YuriJam18
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A DungeonScript game made for YuriJam18

I made this game in order to test what was possible in DungeonScript. Working within its limitations was difficult but rewarding, and I hope that by providing the source code for it, other interested developers will be able to create their own unique DungeonScript games.

JUMPSCARE uses noteworthy functions such as:

  • view_distance
  • fog_power
  • realtime_interval
  • randomDir

JUMPSCARE.html can be downloaded to play the game offline, while jumpscare_source.txt contains the raw code that goes into the DungeonScript editor.

You can use the DungeonScript editor here: http://dungeonscript.farbs.org

DungeonScript is based off of PuzzleScript: https://www.puzzlescript.net