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Elastic Search library for PhalconPHP Api's
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Baka Phalcon Elastic Search

Phalcon Elastic Search package to index / query model with relationship easily

Table of Contents

  1. Indexing
    1. Create
    2. Insert
  2. Search
  3. Testing



  • "elasticsearch/elasticsearch": "~2.0@beta"
  • "baka/database": "dev-master"
  • "phalcon/incubator": "~3.0","

Add elastic configuration to config.php


'namespace' => [
    'controller' => 'Project\Controllers',
    'models' => 'Project\Models',

'elasticSearch' => [
    'hosts' => [getenv('ELASTIC_HOST')], //change to pass array

add queue to DI


$di->set('queue', function () use ($config) {
    //Connect to the queue
    $queue = new Phalcon\Queue\Beanstalk\Extended([
        'host' => $config->beanstalk->host,
        'prefix' => $config->beanstalk->prefix,

    return $queue;


To create a Index in Elastic search first you will need to configure a CLI project and extend it from IndexTasksBuilder , after doing that just run the following command

php cli/app.php IndexBuilder createIndex ModelName 3

Where 4 is the normal of levels you want the relationships to index for example

Level 1
 Class A 
 - Relation BelongsTo Class B

 Level 2
 Class A 
 - Relation BelongsTo Class B
 - - Class B
 - - - Relation HasMany Class C

Level 3
 Class A 
 - Relation BelongsTo Class B
 - - Class B
 - - - Relation HasMany Class C
 - - - - Class C
 - - - - - Relation HasMany Class D

We can ignore a relationship if we specify on the options 'elasticSearch' => false

I wont recommend going beyond 4 levels if it not neede, it will use a lot of space.

If you get a error related to nestedLimit , you can use a 4th param to specify the amount the index limit

php cli/app.php IndexBuilder createIndex ModelName 3 100

Indexing Queue

Now that you created a Index we need to index the data, for that your model will need to extend from \Baka\Elasticsearch\Model . After every update | save we will send the information to a queue where the process will insert or update the info in elastic


class Users extends \Baka\Elasticsearch\Model



php cli/app.php IndexBuilder queue ModelName

Example: php cli/app.php IndexBuilder queue Users


In order to simply searching en elastic search with elastic you most install this extension

Now your search controller must use our trait


 * Search controller
class SearchController extends BaseController
    use \Baka\Elasticsearch\SearchTrait

And Follow the same query structure has Baka Http|asc&q=(is_deleted:0,relationship.type_id:1)&fields=id,first_name,last_name,,



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