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A parallel version of ofxTSNE.
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A parallel version of ofxTSNE.

It simply wraps a slightly modified version of Multicore-TSNE and should be API compatible with ofxTSNE.

It offers 2-5x speed boost for the standard ofxTSNE.

It is limited to 2D embeddings.

Parallel acceleration applies to the tree-building and refinement portions of the algorithm. The initial segment is still single threaded.



Multicore-TSNE uses OpenMP, which is unsupported by default on OSX (at this point at least). In order to run on OSX, do the following:

  1. Install homebrew.
  2. Install llvm via brew install llvm.

Makefile (Command Line)

Special flags are listed in the file that allows the Makefile to use the appropriate brew-installed OpenMP-compatible llvm compiler.

  1. cd example/
  2. make -j4 -s
  3. make run to run the example.


Xcode requires configuration in addition to using the standard openFrameworks Project Generator app. Thanks @crecord.

  1. See instructions here and discussion.


  1. It should run. 😄


  1. I doubt it will run without some work.
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